My Price

Implementation and integration

Installation of CMS systems on your web hosting – 30$

Creating custom email addresses – up to 10 emails ( – 5$

Linking your email addresses to your existing email on google – 5$

Creating and linking your domain to Google apps for business – 15$

Back up of your web page and mySQL database – 30$

Moving your web page (database, CMS, custom web page) to other hosting – 50$


PHP programming – 30$/h

Design and manufacture of mySQL database 30$/h

Implementing Action scripts (JavaScript, jQuery ) – 30$/h

Creating web pages

Creating custom html/php page – 20$/ per page

Creating simple PHP contact form – 25$

Creating custom PHP contact form – 35$

Creating an sitemap.xml on your web page 50$


Changing the content of web page – up to 30% – 15$/per page

Changing the content of web page – more than 30% – 25$/per page

Repair of broken PHP page – 15$/h

Repair of broken CMS website – 10$/h

Other stuff

Consulting – 50$/h

Submitting your web page to search engines (Google, Bing) – 10$

Creating and submitting your web page to Google analytics – 15$